Who We Are

Cheryl Kay Foundation (CKF) is a family organization dedicated to critical issues facing Baby Boomers, their parents and their children.  We provide grants for home care so that aging at home will be joyful, dignified and less costly to families and future generations.


A Loss Turns Into A Mission

CKF grew out the love and loss of our sister, Cheryl Kay Stawovy, and our desire to honor her joy of life and helping others.  All of us, including Cheryl, saw the need for intervention in the lives of senior citizens to help them age with dignity in their homes and to prevent the downward spiral to dependency.  Exemplifying the spirit of neighbor helping neighbor, dignity and independence, Cheryl’s sister, her brothers and her husband created the Cheryl Kay Foundation in 2013.

Facing Breast Cancer Alone

CKF helps women of any age who are suffering from the rigors of chemotherapy.  Cheryl lost her battle with breast cancer in 2013 and through our desire to empower those living with this disease, we provide help at home so that breast cancer patients can rest and heal in comfort.  We quickly learned that young or old, women who are alone while undergoing treatment share the same challenges with activities of daily living as do the elderly.

Senior Citizens or Breast Cancer

CKF helps individuals maintain independence, dignity and a healthy home.  Our network of independent state licensed home care agencies provide a vital service to families who are making every effort to keep their loved ones safe at home while managing the challenges of their own lives and families.  Whether a woman with cancer too weak to keep up with her home for her family or a senior desperate to live independently, our mission is the same.


March 2019