Cheryl’s Story

As we remember one life  –  We touch the lives of many others.

Cheryl Kay Stawovy and Kathi Kay Lenart were co-owners of a successful medical waste disposal company when in 2008, they decided to travel a different career path, one that would be more emotionally rewarding, pursuant of their growing passion for community service, and fulfilling as they transitioned into a new phase of life.

When they stumbled upon a ‘For Sale’ ad for a local senior home care company—a Home Instead Senior Care Franchise, Cheryl and Kathi knew they had found exactly what they were looking for – an opportunity to provide a meaningful service to others.  “The sisters” saw this business as a way to give back to others, honor America’s “Greatest Generation” and help those men and women through their final years by providing quality caregiving services.

They did not expect to see countless individuals lose their homes and their dignity simply because they needed some assistance with simple activities of daily living but could not afford the help.   

Inspired by their sisters’ cause, Craig, Roger, and Kurt Kay also entered the senior care business in central Pennsylvania.  Providing compassionate caregiving to Senior Citizens became the extended families’ business.

In 2011, tragedy struck the family: Cheryl was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer and though she fought tenaciously, with joy and laughter, she lost her battle in 2013.  Her husband, brothers, and sister created this charitable organization to honor Cheryl and her love of life and family.

The Cheryl Kay Foundation provides grants to non-medical home care agencies to serve senior citizens who are ineligible for government assistance and unable to pay for care on their own. By funding care, the Cheryl Kay Foundation hopes to help senior citizens age in place longer than they would without outside assistance.


But Cheryl died of Breast Cancer…..

As a special honor to Cheryl and to continue her fight so that others live well, The Cheryl Kay Foundation also provides grants to care for women who are undergoing treatment for breast cancer.  Little did we know that not only is there a great need for care, but that the majority of women diagnosed with breast cancer are over the age of 65!


February 2019