Why Home Care Matters

Healthcare is Expensive!

The evolution of healthcare is ongoing.  What doesn’t seem to change is the expense; a concern for many, especially those on a fixed income.  Quality care comes with a cost that impacts personal, state, and national economics.

While efforts such as the Affordable Care Act and competitive business models try to drive down the cost of healthcare, hospital stays can still cost thousands of dollars.   As such, “Healthcare to home” is a trend that is here to say.  Hospital systems are moving care away from inpatient settings, where the costs remain high, to outpatient environments and, ultimately, to the patients’ homes.   Most seniors don’t qualify for reimbursed Home Health Care service, nor do they need it, but many still need some non-medical assistance to live a healthy and independent life.

Home Care is Prevention

We at the Cheryl Kay Foundation (CKF) believe that assistance with tasks of daily living prevent otherwise healthy senior citizens from falling into the illnesses, accidents and the mental decline that are seen as “normal” effects of aging; the things that often contribute to the need for medical care.

Consider some preventable causes for which senior citizens visit emergency departments or hospitals:

  • Poor Medication Management
  • Falls
  • Dehydration and Urinary Tract Infections
  • Malnourishment
  • Confusion
  • Food Poisoning
  • Depression

Would you believe that isolation and loneliness is a contributing factor of mental decline?  Transportation to social events or religious services and even simple companionship can make a difference to a senior in need.

A $20 donation provides an hour of care and just 6-9 hours of weekly help may be enough to keep a senior safe and independent for a very long time.  It’s hard to imagine that $1,000, which provides 50 hours of much needed help, is less expensive than even one day of a hospital stay!  Please help a senior to live safely and with dignity at home.

A Basic Human Desire

Research shows that senior citizens want to age in the comfort of their own homes.  All of us want the basic comforts of our own beds and the privacy and dignity that independence brings.   Quality of life is fundamental to longevity and health.   Isn’t this the life that we all deserve?

Providing someone in need with a few hours of home care can prevent or postpone admissions to a hospital or nursing home by weeks or months.   Imagine how many thousands of dollars this simple solution can save for one individual over the course of a year.   Now imagine the millions we can save our healthcare system while we do the humane thing for our aging citizens.

All donations go toward funding home care for senior citizens and  breast cancer patients in need.


April 2019

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