For Millenials

The Impact on America’s Youth

We are the “Giving Generation” – and we can change the world.  There is a quiet but sorrowful need that stands right before us– and we are the ones who can make a difference.   Beginning today, we can make a profound impact in a human life while fulfilling a growing societal need and averting a looming fiscal crisis that will affect our lives for generations to come.

Aging Americans are losing everything they’ve worked for, including their homes, just because they need some assistance with the activities of daily living that most of us takes for granted.  These simple needs, like getting to the doctor’s office and meal preparation, can be filled with just a few dollars, but unfortunately, if gone unmet may result in a downward spiral to illnesses, accidents and the loss of independence and dignity.  In fact, 8,000 senior citizens enroll in financial assistance programs every day that are provided by our government.

The Impact of Baby Boomers

The population segment we know as the “baby boomers” is rapidly expanding–10,000 individuals turn 65 daily.  We are on the cusp of a demographic shift that our country has never faced before, with social and economic impacts that can be argued as our generation’s greatest societal challenge.  It shouldn’t be – now is the time for us to teach each other how to help elderly Americans age in place, safely and longer than they would without our help.

We already mentioned that 8,000 senior citizens have to enroll in government assistance every day, but did you know that only 2,000 millennials are joining the workforce each day to support their care?  Since it’s through our work contributions that Medicare and Medicaid can serve those 8,000 seniors, we’ve got a real problem ahead. It’s a problem that we should race to solve – These seniors are our families, our neighbors —- and it’s our future and our country’s health that is at stake.  A simple solution like providing home care for the elderly can not only change their individual lives but also positively influence all of our futures..

The Government is doing its best to help but, if you look at the math, and the fact that the Boomers are only now starting to retire, we’ll need to do more.

The Impact on Government Spending


March 2019