For Boomers

A New Age

“This is the dawning of the age of ” … well it’s really the dawning of age!  We all knew it would happen eventually and, for most of us, we will hit it head on just like everything else our generation has done.

We are the Baby Boomers–10,000 of us turn 65 each day.  We are 77 million strong and we are as committed as ever to promoting change for a better world.   We still play hard and most of us still work hard, and we are still the generation that demands our own freedom of choice.  So now that the senior discounts have arrived, how can we protect our freedom to live and age as we choose without risking loss of independence and burdening future generations with the cost of our care?  Did you know that 8,000 senior citizens go on government assistance each day and only 2,000 young workers are added to the workforce to support them?

We can help each other, and our parents, to live and age with dignity at home by offering assistance with simple activities of daily living.   Helping with the simple things prolongs independence and makes the second act of life worth living. 

Live long ….Live well.  Your gift to the Cheryl Kay Foundation goes directly to the care of a senior who is at risk of being forced to leave their home – just because they need help with simple everyday activities.


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March 2019